DalPay One of Iceland’s Strongest Companies

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DalPay has been awarded as one of “Iceland’s Strongest Companies” by Creditinfo, the country’s leading local credit information provider.

To be certified as one of the “Strongest in Iceland” by Creditinfo, a detailed analysis of a company’s strength and stability assessments is performed. Of the 33,000 companies registered in the Icelandic Company Directory, only 577 pass the conditions set by Creditinfo. DalPay received top marks in all categories!

Creditinfo believes that in smaller economies, it is more important to assess a company’s strength through the stability of their operation performance over time, as opposed to only one fiscal year. This long-term assessment prevents the inclusion of companies that cannot withstand market fluctuations, such as was the case in the 2008 economic collapse.

To learn more about this certification and Creditinfo, visit https://www.creditinfo.is/english/strongest-in-iceland.aspx


DalPay Launches smartPOS in Iceland

DalPay mPOS icelandic

Now, all types of merchants in Iceland – webstores and physical locations, SMBs, individuals and organizations – can accept credit and debit card payments from their customers via a single provider: DalPay smartPOS lets you sell anywhere, anytime, face-to-face.

DalPay smartPOS exceeds today’s safety and quality standards and works with both EMV (‘Chip & PIN’) and magnetic stripe cards so you can focus on sales without worrying about security or usability.

Simple pricing and easy set-up – that’s DalPay smartPOS.

DalPay smartPOS how it works

If you can read Icelandic, learn more here: https://mpos.dalpay.com/is/

For those who can’t, don’t worry, we’ll have an English version ready as soon as we launch DalPay smartPOS for DalPay customers in selected regions later this year.

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