DalPay Launches smartPOS in Iceland

DalPay mPOS icelandic

Now, all types of merchants in Iceland – webstores and physical locations, SMBs, individuals and organizations – can accept credit and debit card payments from their customers via a single provider: DalPay smartPOS lets you sell anywhere, anytime, face-to-face.

DalPay smartPOS exceeds today’s safety and quality standards and works with both EMV (‘Chip & PIN’) and magnetic stripe cards so you can focus on sales without worrying about security or usability.

Simple pricing and easy set-up – that’s DalPay smartPOS.

DalPay smartPOS how it works

If you can read Icelandic, learn more here: https://mpos.dalpay.com/is/

For those who can’t, don’t worry, we’ll have an English version ready as soon as we launch DalPay smartPOS for DalPay customers in selected regions later this year.

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Happy New Year


Tonight is a special night in Iceland. It is the only night of the year where anybody is allowed to light fireworks without a permit – and we make it count! Fireworks will be going off all night long from sundown and building up all the way to midnight, when all the firetrucks and all the ships in the harbour will ring their bells and blow their horns to welcome the New Year.

You can stream tonight’s fireworks live from Reykjavic at IcelandNaturally.com.

Thanks for sharing the DalPay Blog’s first year with us. We hope your celebration is as bright as ours!