About Us

Snorrason Holdings ehf (http://www.snorrason.com) has been a leading provider of international payment processing services since 2004. The Snorrason Holdings family of brands includes DalPay, CCNow and MountPay, and serves online merchants and e-commerce businesses from over 80 countries, in numerous currencies and languages, and across multiple payment channels, to reach customers in 200+ countries worldwide.

DalPay Gateway

Since 2004, DalPay Gateway has offered merchants an online payment gateway service to sell safely online, make and accept online payments, and process credit and debit card transactions.

DalPay Gateway provides online merchants of all risk profiles the ability to process payment transactions securely, conveniently and affordably from customers around the world. DalPay Gateway is the premier cross-border payment processing gateway that also helps online businesses increase their bottom line by lowering their risk from fraud and reducing chargebacks.

DalPay Gateway offers a single payment platform that is accessible across all channels – in store and online, locally and globally, with a physical card, from a mobile device, or through a card-not-present e-commerce transaction.

DalPay Retail

Since 2006, DalPay Retail has enabled both new and established businesses to sell online internationally and expand into new markets. DalPay Retail is e-commerce’s business without borders platform.

DalPay Retail’s complete suite of e-commerce features includes secure hosted checkout in 24 languages and 150+ currencies, optional open source shopping carts, robust anti-fraud protection, and toll-free billing support.

DalPay Retail’s international businesses enjoy the e-commerce tools and payments processing services that deliver a seamless and secure online shopping experience to their customers. Dedicated account managers provide each DalPay Retail business with superior customer service to ensure worry-free international compliance, fraud prevention and chargeback reduction.


Since 1998, CCNow has been a trusted online retailer platform and has conducted millions of safe transactions for online sellers worldwide through the CCNow Shopping Mall, a convenient and secure online shopping center.

CCNow provides integrated e-commerce shopping carts, order tracking, invoicing, risk management, billing support and more, as well as secure hosted checkout with multi-currency and multi-language support, enabling localization in both established and developing markets. With simple pricing, no complicated account statements and no unexpected hidden fees, CCNow’s all-in-one e-commerce platform provides online sellers with all the tools necessary to take advantage of cross-border sales and international revenue streams.

CCNow was acquired by Snorrason from Digital River, Inc in January 2013.


MountPay is an access management provider and e-ticket supplier that has provided fast, safe and convenient access to online venues since 2007.

MountPay delivers subscription-based payment processing to digital content vendors and offers a secure hosted checkout experience and one-time or recurring billing services.


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