Introducing the DalPay Blog!

In northern Iceland lies Dalvik, a bustling fishing village of slightly more than 1,500 people. This is the home of DalPay, the e-commerce service provider and online payment processor specialising in international payments.

DalPay Headquarters, Dalvik

DalPay Headquarters, Dalvik

Despite its small population, Dalvik has several claims to fame, not just DalPay, and holds an important place in Iceland and the world.

With the Böggvisstaðafjall [pronounced BUGVIZ-stathar-fiatl] ski area located just outside town, Dalvik has given rise to world class skiers such as Björgvin Björgvinsson, Iceland’s flag-bearer for the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Böggvisstaðafjall ski area, Iceland

Böggvisstaðafjall ski area, Iceland (photo courtesy of

The town is also home to the UMFS Dalvik sports club, where world renowned striker and hometown hero Heidar Helguson began his career. Heidar went on to play over a dozen years in England in both the First Division and the Premier League, home of some of the world’s most storied football clubs, and is now a coach at Premier League club QPR.

The fishing industry is of great importance to Dalvik and the town’s annual fish buffet, “Fiskidagurinn Mikli” or The Great Fish Day, draws over 30,000 people from all over Iceland and beyond to Dalvik’s harbour for a celebration of delicious free food, music, fun and fireworks.

Fiskidagurinn Mikli (The Great Fish Day) in Dalvik

Fiskidagurinn Mikli (The Great Fish Day) in Dalvik

How Dalvik Shapes DalPay’s Corporate Vision

Like most small towns Dalvik is tight-knit. Bjorn Snorrason, CEO of Snorrason Holdings, parent company of DalPay, is a pillar of his community and the philosophies he brings to business still reflect the values instilled in him by his family and growing up in this community.

Bjorn Snorrason believes that companies should give something back to their community. Snorrason Holding practices this principle by providing backpacks full of school supplies for all first year elementary students every year.

Under Bjorn’s leadership, the DalPay management team has grown the business into a global brand specialising in cross-border payments, providing payment processing services for a wide range of industries at home and abroad. DalPay Retail, part of the DalPay family, provides clients an online shopping centre through which to sell their products, increasing their exposure and boosting their bottom lines.

Bjorn Snorrason

Bjorn Snorrason, CEO of DalPay

“It’s all about taking the time to get to know your customer. If you don’t know your customer, then you won’t be in business for long. Unfortunately, in today’s online economy, there are too many processors that don’t bother (or even purposefully don’t ask) to get to know their customers just to get that quick sale. Then, all of a sudden, funds are frozen, payments are delayed and accounts are locked.

“’Get it right the first time, one customer at a time’ is our corporate philosophy. When we approve a client to start sales, that’s because we’ve taken the proper actions to get to know who they are and that their business model and activities meet the requirements of the banks and card associations. This means that a DalPay merchant will never have their account locked, their funds frozen or their international payments delayed or withheld without a good reason. Surprises are great for birthdays, but not for businesses. With DalPay, there are never any surprises that will give you grey hairs.”

Introducing the DalPay Blog

The DalPay Blog is a place where we can share all of our knowledge and expertise with you. Visit us often to learn about:

  • The latest news and updates from the company
  • Tips on running a successful e-commerce business, whether you sell domestically or internationally
  • Advice on how to maximize your sales and how to keep your website secure
  • The latest promotions and offerings from DalPay

You can also keep up to date with DalPay by subscribing to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and by looking for DalPay on these online forums:

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